Lower cost of ownership, product improvement, faster speed-to-market

Muza Metal Products is a full-service, metal-based parts supplier that uses a collaborative approach with customers. Working with our cross-functional team, we can create rapid and cost-effective design, quality manufacturing and delivery of supply-chain-optimized part solutions that deliver lower cost-of-ownership, product improvement and faster speed-to-market. Just think what Muza Metal Products can do for you!


We’re not just a job shop – we know our customers’ business. We provide fabricating, machining, welding, assembly, powder coating and more to customers in a broad range of industries. Industries Served

Muza Metal Products perfects its sales and marketing strategy

Muza Metal products has recreated its culture with a new growth strategy designed to make customer growth a priority. Learn More

Take a look at our video celebrating Muza Metal Products’ 90 years as a value added sheet metal fabricator. We began during the great depression. Witnessed numerous political conflicts and cultural revolutions. Evolved through continuous technical innovations. And, even enjoyed multiple Green Bay Packers’ championships. Watch Video