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Just think what muza can do for you

We are a full-service, metal-based parts supplier that provides rapid and cost-effective design, quality manufacturing of supply-chain-optimized part solutions.

We help customers achieve lower cost-of-ownership, product improvement and faster speed-to-market.

We respond to our customers’ needs. We grow and support our people. We always do what is right.

Just think what Muza Metal Products can do for you!

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Why Muza?

Our Value proposition makes the difference.

Understanding Customer Pain Points

We ask the right questions to provide the best solutions.

Taking it past the metal

We do more than metal parts for our customers.

Why muza metal products?

Value and Capabilities Not just a job shop, we complement your internal capabilities.
Responsiveness No waiting on returned calls. Quick answers. Attentive service.
Quick Quotes We turnaround quotes and start jobs FAST!
Velocity Jobs are streamlined throughout our entire process to ensure fast turnaround.
Reliable Supply Chain 100% US-Based supply chain ensures uninterrupted material sourcing.
Thoughtful Solutions Engineered solutions that reduce your cost beyond the metal part.
Get accurate prototypes quickly to improve speed-to-market velocity – and product cost.

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75% of our “Customer Solutions Team” worked on the shop floor at
one point in their career. Where is your job taking you?

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Faster. Better. Engineered Solutions
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systems company

Cost Savings
Reduced Inventory
Speed to Market

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OEMs Energy

Improved Throughput
Cost Savings
Safety and compliance

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Raising artificial oil &
gas lift controls

Easier Assembly
Cost Savings

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We’re not a job shop. We’re a full-service metal fabrication company that offers
a complete service package across a variety of materials and processes.

We’re problem solvers and are ready to tackle any challenge you are faced with.