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Optimized solutions for metal-based parts.

Muza Metal Products provides supply-chain-optimized solutions for metal-based parts. We offer rapid and cost-effective product development and fabrication. And, we manufacture and deliver the final product that makes it all happen.

Just think about this…

  • We are solution driven from the start. In fact, we often bring a cross-functional team to our first meeting with you, not just one person.
  • We identify your pain points utilizing our deep understanding of design, engineering and assembly rooted in highly responsive and flexible manufacturing process, as well as our rapid, cost-effective prototyping expertise.
  • We establish project objectives by assessing your challenge, agreeing to a plan of attack and communicating clearly with you all the way through execution.
  • We optimize part design to reduce assembly complexity, costs and inventory, while improving safety and product attributes.
  • We eliminate inventory headaches through JIT, VMI and Kanban production techniques.
  • We provide rapid turnaround on new part estimating and prototyping through a dedicated division.
  • We deliver on-spec, on-time, on-budget parts because we have the fabrication, finishing and assembly capabilities that enable us to be your single source for ready-to-use, metal-based parts.
  • We are accountable through our annual partnership process, where we jointly complete a scorecard that rates our performance.

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Our values
honesty // fairness // passion // fun // Customer-focus // teamwork
We live every day by our core values. It’s in our DNA to help our customers, employees and vendors get better.
– John Kriz // President