Artificial Lift Controls //

Case Study: Customer Analysis Overview

Business Impact

  • Cost Savings
  • Productivity
  • Quality


  • Improved throughput – reduced assembly time by 10%.
  • Reduced and more flexible order lead times
  • Reduced supply inventory SKU’s from 15 to 4.
  • Improved quality – 95% improved quality vs. the other metal supplier.
  • Provided pre-assembly kitting to make assembly easier.

Business Description

This OEM is a leading producer of artificial lift controls for the oil and gas pumping industry.  Artificial lift controls increase oil and gas production, reduce production costs, save time, extend the life of equipment, and reduce energy use.

The customer was originally looking to improve the quality of their enclosures.  They were also having issues with lead times and supplier flexibility during high demand periods.  While addressing these two issues was important, controlling costs was also a driving factor.

The OEM discovered Muza Metal Products through an internet search supported by referrals from other Muza Metal Products customers.

Critical Business Issues

  • Improved quality.
  • Current supplier had limited flexibility to adjust lead times leading to production downtime and frequent re-scheduling.
  • High pre-assembly inventory and supply chain complexity.
  • Complex enclosures limited potential pool of sheet metal fabrication suppliers.


Muza Metal Products’ Solutions Team visited with the customer as they began their relationship.  They took the time to understand how their parts were used in the final product and how they were assembled into the final product.  Muza helped improve designs prior to prototyping and then walked the prototypes through the assembly process.  Muza then helped with additional design changes as well as assembly simplification.  Tim, the customer’s design and engineering lead, said that Muza was ‘the only enclosure supplier that suggested design changes and went to the plant to help improve assembly.’  The Muza team has continually identified opportunities for improving the customer’s enclosures.

“…they (Muza) are the only enclosure supplier to suggest design changes and help improve assembly.”

– Tim M.

Since they began their collaboration, Muza has helped reduce assembly time by 10% through both design and assembly process improvements.  They delivered improved quality and flexibility to shorten lead times to respond to changing demand.  Muza also provided pre-assembly kits for 6 parts that each nested 6-8 related parts making assembly and part supply much more convenient.

One of the major design improvements reduced the number of parts being assembled from 15 parts to 4 parts.

The customer views Muza as a Partnership Supplier, who is able to help deliver on improving multiple aspects of the entire value around the products they supply, including quality, delivery flexibility, total cost of parts/assembly, inventory control, and design improvements for cost, ease of assembly, and product reliability.

“Muza improves the value of what we make in many different ways all the time.”

– Tim M.

Tim, the design and engineering lead for the customer, had this to say, ‘Muza doesn’t just make and ship metal parts.  They improve the value of what we make in many different ways all the time.  They are knowledgeable, a tremendous help and I can’t say enough about them!’